Middeleeuws tekenproject RC de Ruimte


Hebban olla vogala nestas

Every day from 11 till 6 h
Project-space RC de Ruimte,
Frans de Wollantstraat 84

Middeleeuws tekenproject RC de Ruimte

call for artists

To all students who are interested in drawing come and draw for during three weeks within a medieval framework

Hebban olla vogala nestas is an open drawing project referring to the imagery and state of mind of medieval man. You can join in almost every day during 3 weeks and include your work. People are able to observe the creation in progress, making the drawing project a performance in itself. There will be musicians and people reading stories at the same time.

Weblog: http://tekenproject-fstvl.tk/.
Organisation: pietsjanke fokkema (tekendocent Tekenlab) en Ellen Witsen Elias
Aanmelden: pietsjanke@quicknet.nl of witsenelias41@zonnet.nl
More informatione: 0228- 523 507 of
06- 24 69 71 22 of 06- 242 50 767